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About Ekal Nidhi Limited

Ekal Nidhi Limited , one of the leading Nidhi Companies in Haryana offers a hassle-free experience to avail gold loan. In addition to the transparency, security and range of its gold loan products, Ekal Nidhi Limited distinguishes itself from others primarily on the basis of the ease with which gold loans can be availed from our branches.
The only requirement is that borrowers present themselves at our branches with the jewellery and with a valid ID and address proves. Our streamlined and centralized systems and well- sketched procedures promise that gold loan can be availed in a matter of minutes. Also, we offer the highest LTV to those interested in availing the maximum amount of loan against their jewellery.
We are able to perform this because of our elongated experience in gold loan business and with the heartfelt effort of our well experienced and professionally qualified managerial team.

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Ekal Nidhi Limited. is one of the leading Nidhi companies in Haryana. Nidhi Software BENEFIT FUND.Nidhi Limited, a Public Limited Company is incorporated on twenty second day of October two thousand nineteen under the Companies act 2013 (18 of) and the company is limited by shares
The main object of the Company is to encourage and afford all facilities for cultivating thrift, saving habits and to render all financial assistance to its members by receiving long and short term deposits and in particular recurring, fixed, saving and other deposits and to lend or advance monies only to it members with security and to provide for the repayment of the same from the members as are allowed by law.